Corporation of the
Township of Hornepayne

Cemetery Board

The Hornepayne Cemetery Board administers our local cemetery including 1 closed cemetery located on Government Road. Plot sales can be arranged during regular office hours at the Municipal Office.

Copies of the  Cemetery regulatory by-law available at the Municipal Office. Just drop in and ask for one.

For more information please call Gail Jaremy, Chief Administration Officer at (807) 868-2020.

Thoughtful Attention To Your Details

The  Cemetery offers:

  • Burial plots
  • Columbarium space 

Please call or fax the administration office for thoughtful attention to your family's needs.

Phone:  807-868-2020   Fax 807-868-2787

Cemetery Board Members
Mary Lea Harasymiw (Chair)
Gail Jaremy (CAO)
Dennis Mackie
Cheryl Fort (Councillor)
Tracey Gagliardi
Nel Dalcin