Corporation of the
Township of Hornepayne
Cemetery Board Members
Mary Lea Harasymiw (Chair)
Gail Jaremy (CAO)
Dennis Mackie
Cheryl Fort (Councillor)

Cemetery Board

The Hornepayne Cemetery Board administers our local cemetery including 1 closed cemetery located on Government Road. Plot sales can be arranged during regular office hours at the Municipal Office.

Copies of the  Cemetery regulatory by-law available at the Municipal Office. Just drop in and ask for one.

For more information please call Gail Jaremy, Chief Administration Officer at (807) 868-2020.

Thoughtful Attention To Your Details

The  Cemetery offers:

  • Burial plots
  • Columbarium space 

Please call or fax the administration office for thoughtful attention to your family's needs.

Phone:  807-868-2020   Fax 807-868-2787