Corporation of the
Township of Hornepayne

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we will attempt to answer the most common questions.

If you have any questions you care to ask, please feel free to call, write, or e-mail us at:

When is my garbage pick-up?
 The Township of Hornepayne has a contract with Cheffy’s Painting and Renovations for pickup and  landfill site supervision. Garbage pick-up schedule is every Tuesday for the entire municipality.

How many bags of garbage am I allowed to be picked up per week?

Each single family dwelling is allowed 4 large garbage bags per week. Bags must be in a proper garbage bins and placed at lot line. Contractor is not required to pick up loose bags or garbage places in small bags such as grocery bags.

Who do I call to find my lost dog or report strays?

Our Public Works Department will be able to help. Call them at 868-2212 or call the municipal office at 868-2020

What is the cost of a license for my pet?  

​PLease see Animal By - Law

How do I obtain a fire permit?

The municipal office issues fire permits.  We are open Monday to Friday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  There is no charge for fire permits.

Who do I call about my water service and water bills?

Water and Sewer operations are handled by Ontario Clean Water Agency 868-2380 Billing is the responsibility of the Township of Hornepayne 868-2020.

I need a commissioner to witness my signature, do you have one?
The Municipal office has 3 individuals who are able to commission your papers.

Want to do some fund raising for your favorite charity?
Please call our Administration Department for assistance with lottery licensing requirements.

Who is the Chief Administration Officer/Clerk?
Mrs. Gail Jaremy, she may be reached at the municipal office  868-2020 ext.205

Who is the Road Superintendant/Airport Manager?
Mr. Dennis Mackie who can be reached at the Public Works Department at 868-2212

How can I contact the Town Hall?

Call 868-2020 Monday to Friday between 12:00pm and 4.00pm

​How much does a marriage license cost?


​When does Council meet?

Regular meetings of Council are at 6:00pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, in the temporary Municipal Council Chambers, 68 Front Street.

Is the application form for a birth certificate available at the municipal office?
You can  also obtain an online application at

What is a By-Law?

​By-laws are the formal instrument through which the corporate powers of the Township are exercised. By-laws deal with a wide variety of topics such as appointments, borrowing, Council procedure, signing authority,  licensing, animal control, agreements of all types, including land transactions, easements, hiring of senior personnel, leases, development agreements, union agreements, etc.

​What is a resolution?

A resolution is a statement of Council's position on a matter at one point in time. It is important to understand that Council's expressed position can change. Resolutions do not carry the weight of law, such as a by-law and are often used to provide procedural direction for municipal administration. 

What is the population of Hornepayne?
​Year 2016 Census indicates the population to be 980.

​Please contact us at (807) 868-2020 for any other questions.