Corporation of the
Township of Hornepayne
Contact Information: Nuclear Waste Management Organization
22 St. Clair Avenue East, Sixth Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2S3
CanadaTel: 416.934.9814
Toll Free: 1.866.249.6966
Fax: 416.934.9526
Nuclear Information & News

We encourage you to drop by the new NWMO Community Office for more information and to share your questions and concerns.   The office is located at:      247 Third Avenue, Suite 3    Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0    Tel: 807.868.9997    Fax: 807.868.9907      Email:    Amber Boissoneau    NWCLC Project Manager   Office hours: Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m
The open houses will be an extension of this process and many NWMO staff members will be on hand to answer questions and provide more detailed explanations if required.   To learn more about the NWMO, people can go to their web site
or to view the NWCLC web page.