Council Meetings

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Council meetings are held via Virtual Meeting Room.
Please email Jennifer Hill, Deputy Clerk at [email protected] for the meeting link.

All Council decisions are made at Council meetings, or through them, and put into formal action by By-Law or Resolution. Decisions 
are either made at the meeting or under delegated authority to staff. 

Council decisions are made by a majority of the Councillors present at the meeting voting in favour, providing a quorum is present. If there is a tied vote the Mayor, who chairs Council meetings, has the final vote.

All Councillors present at a Council meeting may vote on every motion, unless they have a Conflict of Interest.

There are different types of Council meetings such as:
   · Regular meetings
   · Special meetings

How Council meetings are governed

Council meetings are governed by the Township’s Procedural By-Law. The rules in this By-Law apply to the conduct of a Council meeting of any sort and includes Committee meetings as well.

What is a Procedural By-Law?

The Procedural By-Law describes how a particular Council intends to govern the conduct of its meetings – including the processes and standards that it intends to apply. Typically, it covers:

   · Rules of Conduct
   · Notice of Meeting
   · Meeting Schedule
   · Preparation and Distribution of the Meeting Agenda
   · Order of Business
   · Quorum
   · Motions
   · By-Laws
   · Closed Meetings
   · Committee Meetings
   · Public Information Sessions/Open Discussions
   · Delegations/Presentations to Council
   · Minutes
   · Business at which the meeting will be closed to members of the public

Questions about the content and use of your Council’s Procedural By-Law should be addressed to the CAO/Clerk, Gail Jaremy at [email protected]. Copies of all of local By-Laws are available on this Municipal website and may be inspected and/or purchased at the Municipal Office.

Attending Council meetings

Members of the public are encouraged to attend Council meetings to keep abreast of Municipal issues and issues around the community. All Council meetings are required to be open to the public, with a few exceptions which are outlined in Section 239 of the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001. Attending Council meetings is an excellent way to understand how Councils make decisions.

Council meetings generally occur the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Council Chambers. The exception to this is the months of July and August when there is only one monthly meeting. View meeting dates on the Home Page Calendar.

While Council meetings are an opportunity to observe the Council at work, they are not the place for members of the public to address Councillors. People who have been invited to make a submission may speak when directed or members of the public may apply for a Deputation or Presentation to Council, but debate between the public and Councillors at Council meetings is prohibited. The exception is when Council holds an Open Discussion; however, discussion must be limited to the topic on the Agenda.

Meeting Agendas

Before each meeting administrative staff prepare a meeting agenda. The agenda lists all of the items that Council intends to consider at the meeting. Councillors are generally provided with reports and recommendations on these matters assist with decision making.

Before each meeting, the agenda for the upcoming meeting will be posted on the Agendas, Minutes & Livestreaming page.  Hard copies are available at the Municipal office, if required. 

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