Water & Sewer


The Township of Hornepayne is responsible for all main water lines, the copper service line running from the main line to the curb stop valve, the curb stop and the brass fitting on either side of the curb stop valve. The property owners are responsible for the copper service line running from the curb stop valve to the residence and all interior water lines.

If you suspect a water leak at your home, please contact a plumber. Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) Staff does not perform work on private property.

If you suspect a water main leak or break, please call the Township of Hornepayne at (807) 868-2020 immediately.


The Township of Hornepayne is responsible for the all portions of the main sanitary sewer line. The property owner is responsible for anywhere other than on the main sanitary sewer. Any blockage/break of a sewer line from the homeowner's property to the sewer main will be the responsibility of the homeowner unless it is proven that the blockage resulted from a problem with the Township's sewer line in which case it will be the responsibility of the Township.

If you suspect a sewer break, please call the Township of Hornepayne at (807) 868-2020 immediately. Staff will determine the source of the leak via visual inspection and testing methods, if applicable. If the main is not damaged you will be advised to call a plumber. OCWA Staff does not perform work on private property.

View the Township of Hornepayne’s Water & Sewer Line Repair Policy.

Storm Sewers

Culverts and ditches help to direct storm water and spring water run-off away from our roads and properties and into the catch basins. Sometimes these outlets will get plugged with debris such as dirt and leaves. Staff routinely check and clean them out particularly before spring run-off occurs or before a predicted rain event.

If you see a plugged culvert, ditch or catch basin, please contact the Public Works Department at (807) 868-2212 or after hours please call (807) 228-2313.

Hydrant Flushing

The water distribution system is flushed each spring as part of our maintenance schedule. You may notice low or no water pressure. If your water appears cloudy, continue running your water until it runs clear. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Township of Hornepayne at (807) 868-2020. 

Water & Sewer Bills

The Township of Hornepayne bills property owners for the local water and sewer services. Bills are sent out quarterly, with the following due dates:

        First Quarter: the last business day in March;
        Second Quarter: the last business day is June;
        Third Quarter: the last business day in September; and
        Fourth Quarter: the last business day in December.

Daily Rentals

The owner of a property who provides daily rental services of units and/or rooms is required to remit payment, per unit at the daily residential water and sewer rate as prescribed in the Water & Sewer Rates By-Law, which can be found under By-Laws. This amount is in addition to the base annual rate already invoiced to the homeowner for the provision of basic services.

Should the property owner choose not to remit payment based on daily rentals, the property owner shall be invoiced an additional annual charge at the residential rate, in addition to their base annual rate.

How to Pay Your Bill

The Township of Hornepayne offers a variety of methods to pay your bill. View our payment options.

Non-Payment of Fees and Charges

A default of payment of any Water and Sewer charges shall result in 1.25 percent interest rate being applied against the outstanding amount due and owing for the said quarter or any prior quarters for which default has occurred.

If a Water & Sewer account remains unpaid for a period of (90) ninety days, the property owner and/or tenant will be notified, by registered mail, that the Municipal Water Supply may be discontinued by the Township. A $25.00 flat rate will be applied to the account for the cost of sending a notice via registered mail.

In the event the water service has been discontinued due to non-payment of arrears, the service will not be reinstated until the account, including the disconnection and reconnection fees, are paid in full. The current disconnection and reconnection fees are $100.00 each.

Should the Township of Hornepayne incur fees and charges in the collection of the water and sewer rates, then such fees and charges shall be added to the outstanding balance due and owing.

Water Service Disconnection & Reconnection

Should a property owner require that the water service to their property be disconnected in the event of an Emergency or for Maintenance Repairs, please attend the Municipal Office located at 68 Front Street to provide written authorization and to pay the applicable fees. The current disconnection and reconnection fees are $30.00 each.
When a Homeowner submits a request for a water connection or disconnection and it is discovered that their curb stop is non-functional and water service cannot be connected/disconnected, Homeowners will be notified, in writing, and a copy of the letter placed in the property file. The Township will arrange for repair or replacement of the affected curb stop as soon as practically possible in a manner that keeps costs to a minimum.

Looking for insurance for your water and sewer lines? 
The Township does not provide this service, however, Service Line Warranties of Canada is a third-party company that does. Visit their website for more information. 

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