The Township of Hornepayne has formed a Municipal Services Corporation (MSC) - Hornepayne Housing Corporation (HHC) - with the intent to improve housing within the community and to ensure sufficient housing is available to support community needs and demand for accommodations. The initial project for the newly developed MSC will be the acquisition of the Parkview Apartment Complex from the Hornepayne Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). This process will include transferring ownership of the units into a newly created MSC, which will be the basis for future development of residential housing in the community.

What is a Municipal Services Corporation (MSC)?
A MSC is a corporation whose shares are owned by a municipality, or a municipality and one or more other public-sector entities. A MSC can only provide a system, service or thing that the municipality could provide. MSCs are required to receive permission from a municipality to operate in its geographic boundaries.

What gives the Township the authority to create a MSC?
The Township can create a MSC under the provisions of the Municipal Act, section 203 and Ontario Regulation 599/06 Municipal Services Corporations.

What Control will Council have over the MSC?
The Township would retain complete and full ownership of the corporation.
In addition to being the sole shareholder of the MSC, 2 members of Council will be voting members of the MSC's Board and as such will be active participants in the decision-making process.

What is the required process for creating a MSC?
Ontario Regulation 599/06 requires municipalities to complete the following steps before creating an MSC:
• Develop a business case study for the proposed MSC
• Consult with the community about the plan to create the proposed MSC
• Adopt and maintain policies with respect to the transfer of assets

Board Members:

Jon Peroff, Chair
Belinda Kistemaker
Bonnie Claveau
Carlo Bin

Resolution No. 2021-109 - Appointment of Board Members
By-Law No. 1843 - Creation of the Municipal Services Corporation 

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact: 

Silbert Barrett, Project Manager
220 Front Street
P.O. Box 486
Hornepayne, ON
P0M 1Z0
(807) 235-5770
(800) 765-9212

[email protected]
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