Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan

The Township of Hornepayne is undertaking a Community Improvement Plan. The Township’s Strategic Plan and Official Plan recognize the importance of a Community Improvement Plan as a key priority to ensure existing businesses are supported and well positioned to maintain and grow their employment opportunities, and to attract new businesses, residents and visitors to Hornepayne.

A Community Improvement Plan is a strategic financial investment tool used to stimulate and support key community outcomes. The Plan is designed to leverage targeted private sector investment through a suite of incentive programs and eligible works to help achieve specific and defined community outcomes. These outcomes are community-specific and may include:
• facilitating growth;
• supporting the development of affordable and rental housing;
• enhancing the quality of streets, parks and public facilities;
• creating a focus for community activities;
• beautification and
• identifying changes needed to land use planning policies, zoning, and/or other bylaws, policies, and practices.

Please get involved by keeping up to date on information posted to this webpage, participate in upcoming community information sessions and share ideas with Township staff.

Notices and information

Community Improvement Plan Virtual Meeting - June 15th, 2022

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For more information, please contact:
Stacey Rendell
Economic Development Officer

Township of Hornepayne
[email protected]


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