Coronavirus Facts

For all up to date information on the Covid-19 virus, please visit the following websites:
> Porcupine Health Unit
World Health Organization

Important Notices: 

MARCH 20, 2020

The Township of Hornepayne has been closely monitoring the latest updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19). In an abundance of caution as the COVID-19 situation evolves, the Township of Hornepayne Municipal Office has closed, and the employees have transitioned to working remotely to ensure their health and safety.

Should you require to contact the municipal staff, we encourage to communicate by email. All municipal staff emails are available here on our website at Contact Us on the Home Page. You can also submit your inquires by clicking on the links to the left of this page titled 'Report a Problem/Request for Service' or 'General Inquiry'. Should email or internet not be available, please contact (807) 632-1978 for Township related questions or concerns, and your inquiry will be directly accordingly.

Please be advised, this number is not established as an emergency contact number. Contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000, your local public health unit or your primary care provider if you’re experiencing symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

We would also like to reiterate to practice social distancing and to follow the advice of our health authorities to help prevent the spread, reduce exposure to the virus and protect your health.

•Wash your hands often with soap and water
•Sneeze and cough into your sleeve
•Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
•Avoid contact with people who are sick
•Stay home if you are sick

Stay healthy Hornepayne!

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“To our knowledge, there have been no positive COVID-19 test results in our community at this time. The declaration of an emergency is a measure to ensure that our community can manage if the crisis escalates in our community. It is a proactive measure in the best interest of our citizens, township staff and municipality to protect our health, safety and welfare and to protect our property.” Mayor Cheryl Fort
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Coronavirus Facts

Coronavirus Facts

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