So You Want to Appear Before Council as a Deputation or Presentation… …Here is What You Need to Know...

How do I get on a Council agenda?
You must  drop off your request at the Municipal Office during regular business hours (12 Noon - 3:30 p.m) or email either of Gail Jaremy, CAO/Clerk at [email protected] or Jennifer Hill, Deputy Clerk at [email protected].  Your request must include the topic you wish to speak about and the reason or purpose you wish to appear before Council.  Requests, as well as a copy of the your full information package to be presented to Council must be received at the Municipal Office by 11:00 a.m. at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date at which you wish to appear.   The request is to be directed to the CAO/Clerk or Deputy Clerk.
If you are placed on the agenda, you will be contacted by our office to confirm the time and date of appearance. If your request is received after the deadline or if the Council Meeting agenda is already full, your request will be placed on the next available regular Council agenda.

When I submit my request, what do I need to include?
You need to include the reason you wish to attend and provide a copy of your any printed material and/or your script for reading to Council including any background information for distribution to Council members in order that they can familiarize themselves with your issue prior to the meeting.  You must include your contact information. If your submission is vague, you will be contacted for clarification. If you do not provide sufficient information or refuse to disclose the reason for your delegation you will not be permitted to appear as a deputation.
My issue is urgent, why can’t I be put on the agenda tomorrow?
The Township is required to follow a Procedural By-Law which stipulates  this notice period.  It is also helpful for Council to know what your reasons for attending are so they can better address your concerns.  In addition, administrative staff may require time to collect and include related and relevant background information to assist with decision making. This process also helps Council to adhere to the requirement for Accountability and Transparency By-Law by ensuring members of the public are aware of what topics will be discussed at meetings.

Who is in charge at the meeting and who will be there?
Council meetings are open meetings and any members of the public are welcome to attend. You will be making your deputation/presentation in front of Council which is composed of the Mayor and Four (4) Council members. Senior staff members will also be in attendance.  All comments are to be directed to the Head of Council (Mayor), who controls the meeting process to ensure proper conduct is followed by Council members, staff and the public.  There are processes in placed to deal with disturbances and anybody can be asked to leave a meeting if illustrating inappropriate behaviour. 

How many speakers at a time?
Deputations are limited to two (2) speakers and only those persons listed on the Agenda will be permitted to speak.

How long can I speak for?
Deputations and Presentations are limited to ten (10) minutes, inclusive of both speakers in your group.  Exceptions can be made to these timelines if submitted with your original request or at the discretion of Council. 

Can a group attend as a deputation?
Your group can request a deputation, but only two (2) members are permitted to speak to the issue. The ten (10) minute limit applies to groups as well as individuals.

I have a short video on my group that I want to show, can it be presented?
You may be permitted to show a video or provide a slide presentation as long as it does not exceed the time limits on deputations. If you require equipment or set-up, please note this in your request form.

Where do I present from?
You will be presenting at a table in front of Council.  This will ensure that Council is focused on you while you are speaking and is the best option for ensuring all members will clearly hear you.

Is your issue a Request for Service? Or is it a Complaint?
If so, the Township of Hornepayne has a process in place to deal with this before your issue would be eligible for a Deputation. Therefore, if your issue is a service request or to report a problem, please complete the Report a Problem / Request for Service online form 

What if I am denied a deputation?
Requests for Deputations who have previously addressed Council on a topic already dealt with or have been deemed a decided topic shall not be granted, unless they can prove that they have new information not previously presented to Council.

I am really upset about my issue and want Council to answer my questions and resolve the issue on the spot. Will this happen at the meeting?
The purpose of the deputation is to provide information to Council. Council will look into your matter and may ask staff to bring back a report so that they can make an informed decision.

I presented my issue at Council but I would like to come back again on the same issue. Is this a problem?
You cannot come back to Council to speak on the same issue within a six (6) month period, unless a regular election has occurred following the decision.

Please direct any additional questions or concerns to Gail Jaremy, CAO/Clerk at [email protected] or (807) 868-2020 x 205 or to Jennifer Hill, Deputy Clerk at [email protected] or (807) 868-2020 Ext. 202. 

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