Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of roads, sidewalks and walkways in town, including Becker Road, Government Lake Road and Airport Road.  They are also responsible for the landfill site, storm drainage, airport maintenance and the cemetery.

The Road Superintendent also manages the Town's fleet of vehicles and equipment for all departments. 

While it may not be apparent to the average resident, the Township owns considerable property, generally referred to as infrastructure. This infrastructure includes many kilometres of roadways along with water and sewer lines. The Public Works Department has the challenging task of maintaining and regularly upgrading this diversified infrastructure worth millions of dollars.

What is not so obvious is the Public Works other duties, such as animal control. All complaints of animals running at large are directed to the Public Works Department and are handled as soon as practicable. For additional information, please see the Animal By-Law

Public Works Department Duties:

  • Roadway and sidewalk maintenance
  • Winter maintenance; plowing, sanding and snow removal
  • Drainage systems including ditches and storm sewer systems, surface flooding
  • Culvert and bridge maintenance
  • Cleaning ditches and installing new driveway culverts
  • Maintenance of trees on Town road allowances and laneways
  • Street name and traffic signs, guide rail and traffic control signals
  • Roadway traffic and pedestrian markings
  • Repairs and maintenance of all street lights


Duane Gaudreau
Public Works Manager
Garage: (807) 868-2212
Cell: (807) 229-6999
[email protected]



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