Official Plan & Comprehensive Zoning By-Law

aerial view of HornepayneLand use planning affects almost every aspect of life in Ontario. It helps decide where in our community’s homes and factories should be built; where parks and schools should be located; and where roads, sewers and other essential services should be provided.

Land use planning means managing our land and resources. It helps each community to set goals about how it will grow and develop and to work out ways of reaching those goals while keeping important social, economic and environmental concerns in mind. It balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community.

Good planning leads to orderly growth and the efficient provision of services. It touches all of us and helps us to have the kind of community we want.


What is an Official Plan?
An Official Plan is a document that establishes policies for how land should and will be used in your municipality, which is adopted by Council and approved by the Province. It deals with land use planning matters such as:
• where new housing, businesses, and industry may be located;
• how development will be shaped (densities, infill, affordability);
• when, and in what order, parts of your community may grow;
• how matters of provincial interest will be protected (wetlands, floodplains, heritage, etc.); and
• community improvement initiatives and other implementation tools.

Current Official Plan
View the Township’s Current Official Plan

What is a Zoning By-law?
A Zoning By-law is a legal tool to regulate the use of land and buildings, the size of lots, and the character, location, and height of buildings and structures. The intent of a Zoning By-law is to implement policies of the Official Plan and protect property owners from conflicting land uses.
View the Zoning By-Law

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Further information
If you have any further questions or require additional information, please contact:
Stacey Rendell, Economic Development Officer: [email protected] or (807)-228-4193;
Sarah Vereault, Planner, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited: [email protected] or 705-806-4405.

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