Building Permits

The Township of Hornepayne offers building permits for homeowners, housing developers, and industrial, commercial and institutional developers looking to build or renovate.

Building permits help ensure that zoning requirements, fire and safety standards and other building standards are met to maintain occupants' safety.

All building and development projects must comply with our Zoning By-law. Even if your project does not require a building permit, the Zoning By-law still applies.

Learn more about building in the Township by reviewing our Building By-law

Before you apply

Please review the following information before you begin your building permit application to make your application process easy. 

You need a building permit for the following types of :

  • Accessory buildings (sheds, garages, shops)
  • Additions and renovations
  • Demolitions
  • Fences and decks
  • New builds
  • Signs

Contact the Building Inspector Kevin Sabourin at or 705-856-2244 x228 if you are not sure if your project requires a permit. 

Before performing any digging in town, it is not only important to ensure that all buried services such as water, sewer, communication and electrical infrastructure are properly located, it is the law! Contact Ontario One Call to apply. 

View the Building Permit User Fees and Charges By-law to see what you will need to pay for your permit. 

Apply for a building permit

Once you have reviewed all the requirements for your building permit, you are ready to apply! Complete a building permit application and submit with any design or site plans to or drop off at the town hall.

What happens to my permit application? 

The Township will forward your application and plans (if applicable) to our Building Inspector.  If there are problems with your application or your plans, the Building Inspector or Township will be in contact with you. 

After your permit is issued

Once you receive your building permit, you can start construction and renovations.

Under the Ontario Building Code, you must start construction within six months of the permit issue date, or your permit may be revoked. We may also revoke your permit if construction stalls for more than one year. If you require an extension on your building permit, please contact the Building Inspector, Kevin Sabourin at or 705-856-2244 x228 before it expires.

Depending on your project, you may need to request building inspections at various stages of construction. Learn how to book a building inspection.

Closing your permit

Once your project has passed all inspections, the permit status can be set to “Completed”. This often goes along with a “Final” inspection. If a permit is not “Completed”, it remains open and could impact your home insurance and your ability to obtain financing and sell your property.

Contact Us 

For any questions related to building permits, please contact our local building inspector, Kevin Sabourin:
Phone: 705-856-2244 x228

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