Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Township of Hornepayne is part of the Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan for Superior East and Neighbouring Communities, which is titled "How We Prosper Together".

The plan outlines the collective economic development strategic goals, objectives and action plan for the region. It builds on our area's strengths, opportunities, aspirations, risks and results as they relate to economic development.

Guiding principles

The plan's guiding principles represent the collective values that are deemed fundamental and uncompromising, as our communities work together toward a stronger, more prosperous economy. They are:

  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Community development
  • Natural environment

Strategic objectives

Our four strategic objectives aim to lead our community to two main themes of outcomes (regional collaboration and regional self-sufficiency):

  • Focus on workforce development
  • Focus on economic diversification
  • Focus on capacity building
  • Focus on economic infrastructure and community development
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