Freedom of Information

The Township of Hornepayne promotes open government and encourages the routine disclosure of information to the public without requiring a formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

The Act:

  • Establishes a general right of access to records in the custody and control of a local government institution
  • Ensures accountability and transparency by providing as much information as possible to the public while ensuring that personal privacy is protected

Requesting information

If you are looking for information held by the Township or one of our departments, contact us at or 807-868-2020 x0. We will review your request and determine if:

  • The records are routinely available and can be provided as routine disclosure; or
  • Your request must be formally submitted as an FOI request

Most requests can be resolved as part of our routine disclosure. Please note, the rules governing access and privacy under MFIPPA apply to both routinely available and FOI requests. We protect the privacy and personal information of all individuals when collecting and maintaining information.

Making a formal Freedom of Information request

If you would like to submit a formal FOI request under the MFIPPA, please complete an Access Request Form and drop off or mail along with the fee.

Upon receiving your completed application form and payment, we provide a response within 30 calendar days. For requests that involve a large number of records, extensive search or consultation with an external third party, this time may be extended and you may be provided with a cost estimate before proceeding. We will advise you of any time extensions.

You must submit a mandatory, non-refundable $5 application fee along with each formal FOI request. If you are requesting multiple property addresses, we require a separate application form and fee for each address. Please make all cheques payable to the "Township of Hornepayne”.

In many cases, we grant full access to your requested information, however the Act contains some mandatory and discretionary exemptions. These allow for the protection of certain types of information.

Mandatory exemptions
  • Personal information
  • Relations with governments
  • Third party information
Discretionary exemptions
  • Advice or recommendations
  • Danger to health and safety
  • Draft bylaws and records of closed meetings
  • Economic and other interests
  • Law enforcement
  • Limitations on access to own personal information
  • Published information (available publicly/routinely)
  • Solicitor-client privilege

You have the right to appeal the Township’s decision to the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC). The commissioner is an independent body which makes impartial decisions under the MFIPPA.

To file an appeal, contact the commissioner in writing and request a review of the Township's decision within 30 calendar days of receiving the decision letter. You must also provide:

  • A copy of the original request for information
  • A copy of the Township's decision letter
  • Appeal to a personal information request: $10, or
  • Appeal to a general information request: $25

Visit the IPC's website for contact information and office locations.

Records readily available to the public

Most requests for information can be resolved without the formal use of the Act, such as requests for:

Please browse our website to see if what you are looking for is already publicly posted. You can withdraw your request if you discover that the information you are looking for is already available.

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