Our Government

The Township of Hornepayne is made up of staff, Councillors, committee members and volunteers that work hard to serve our community every day. Learn more about the various services we provide and policies that keep our community safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Applications, licences and permits

Learn how to easily apply for a variety of applications, licences and permits.

Budget and financials

Learn about our annual budget and financials and find various payment methods to pay your property taxes and water and sewer bills.


Looking for a by-law? View our frequently requested by-laws. To obtain an official version of a by-law or a copy of a by-law that is not listed here, please contact us [link to contact module].

Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits

Our Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits is available to witness or sign documents that require a commissioner’s signature. 


The various committees in Hornepayne are made up of passionate and knowledgeable residents and staff who work to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the community. Discover how you can get involved and learn more about our various committees.

Contact us

Contact us directly or submit your question, comment or concern online .

Freedom of information

Learn how we maintain accountability and transparency through freedom of information in Hornepayne.

Integrity commissioner

Learn how our appointed integrity commissioner investigates alleged breaches of the code of conduct for Council or a local board or committee.

Job opportunities

Check out the job opportunities in Hornepayne and learn how to apply.

Plans, reports and studies

Check out our many plans, reports and studies to learn how we are planning for growth and land use and managing our resources and assets.


Learn how to submit a purchase order to purchase materials from the Township.

Rent equipment

Learn how you can rent equipment in Hornepayne and find what types of equipment are available to rent.

Tax Sale Listing

View the tax sale listing of properties for sale by public tender. 

Tenders and requests for proposals

Interested in doing business with us? View our current tenders, requests for proposals and quotations.

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