Available Land and Buildings

There are a variety of properties for sale in the Township of Hornepayne. View available land and apply to purchase.

Submit a purchase application

If you are interested in purchasing any available land in Hornepayne, you can submit a Purchase Application form and submit to the town hall. A deposit of 20% is required to process this application.

Please note, in addition to the purchase application, you will also be required to complete the Preconsultation Application form (view under Preconsultation) and submit it to the Town Hall, where staff will review further. 

Once reviewed by staff and requirements are met, your application will be submitted to Council for review at the next available Council meeting

Township properties for sale

Check out the following properties that are available for purchase in Hornepayne. 

View our street map for reference. 

Contact Us

For further information on surplus land contact:
Phone: 807-868-2020 x205
Email: cao@hornepayne.ca

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