Dog and Cat Tags

Pet dogs and cats must be licensed with the Township of Hornepayne each year, as per our Animal By-law, to prevent animals running at large in the community. Pet owners whose animals are found running at large face a municipal fine with fees increasing after each offence. Ask for details. 

We issue dog and cat tags when you licence your pet each year.

Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies, and you must provide a copy of the vaccination certificate from the veterinarian to get a licence. You must show proof of alteration.

Get a dog or cat tag

You can get a dog or cat tag by visiting our town hall at 68 Front Street. 


  • Unaltered animal (not spayed or neutered) $40.80 per year
  • Senior Rate (55+) $20.40 per year
  • Altered animal (spayed or neutered) $20.40 per year
  • Senior Rate (55+) $10.20 per year. 

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns related to dog and cat tags, please contact: 
Phone: 807-868-2020 x0

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