Fire Permits

The Township of Hornepayne's Fire Permit By-law outlines the rules and restrictions around having an open-air fire on your property in the Township. View the by-law for more information on:

  • Starting and tending to the fire
  • Appropriate burning materials
  • Size of the fire
  • Outdoor incinerators
  • Appropriate weather conditions
  • Exemptions and penalties

You must get a fire permit if you wish to have an open-air fire between April 1st and October 31st of each year. 

Get a fire permit

To apply for your fire permit online, you must be the registered property owner. 

What if I am a tenant?

Tenants require the owners' permission to obtain a fire permit. Tenants should have their landlords complete the online application or e-mail permission to before proceeding.

Applications without owners' permission will be denied. 

How do I know if I have been approved? 

If you are the registered owner, you are automatically approved. 
If you are a tenant, you will be approved with permission from the registered owner. You will only be contacted by email if you are not approved. 


There is no fee for a fire permit. 

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Be mindful that exposed dry leaves, grass and twigs pose a fire hazard in the spring, especially under sunny and windy conditions.
Put safety first if you plan on enjoying a campfire!
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