Water and Wastewater Reports

Drinking-Water System Reports

Ontario’s Drinking-Water Systems Regulation (O.Reg.170/03), made under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, requires that the owner of a drinking water system prepare an annual summary for municipalities on the operation of the system and the quality of its water. Pursuant to the legislative requirements, you may view the following reports:

2023 Annual Summary Report for the Hornepayne Drinking-Water System

O. Regulation 170 - 2023 Section 11 Annual Report for the Hornepayne Drinking-Water System

This report has been completed in accordance with Condition No. 10(6) cited in Certificate of Approval Number 4306-A8ANUC, dated March 23 2016, and issued to the Township of Hornepayne. This report was prepared by the Ontario Clean Water Agency, on behalf of the Township of Hornepayne, based on information kept on record at the Hornepayne Wastewater plant. 

Energy Assessment Annual Report

The purpose of this report is to provide an overall summary of the energy usage for 2023 at the Township of Hornepayne’s Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs).

Energy assessment report aims to conduct an analysis of the facilities energy consumption and efficiency patterns for the year 2023 and compare it with process data to establish the relationship between energy, flow, biological oxygen demand (BOD) and other key process parameters. 

2023 Energy Assessment Annual Report 

Performance Report 

The annual facility performance report summarizes important information regarding the treatment quality of the effluent wastewater, analytical test results, relevant activities and maintenance operations of the Works.

Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) - 2023 Performance Report - Hornepayne Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Permit to Take Water

The purpose of the Permit to Take Water ( PTTW ) program is to ensure the conservation, protection and wise use and management of the waters of the province. 

Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) - 2023 Permit to Take Water Report.

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